Friday, January 30, 2009


this makes me want to stare at it. and touch it. and lick it. but that's probably just because i want to lick the person that did it.
ah maybe.

who knows, but shit's ssaaaaweeeet.

by my BEST buddy, Anna.

Save Room, Put Your Bed on the Ceiling.

i was on a ceiling spur today?

no, but these rooms are sweet, and talk about space makers.


i never knew the depth behind ceilings. i want to make awesome ceilings when i have my own apt. i will definitely have the grave one in one room, that's just sweet.

but check it:

oh and this came up in my search, but i just had to add this because, this if caused from a leak! that's fucking insane! (classified as: an undulating ceiling) (...and for those who aren't walking dictionaries or just a little fuzzy on definitions, undulating means smooth wave-like motion, obvi for this ceiling)

and all this talk of ceilings, i have to mention... "ceiling wax"- chairlift: an excellent song.

La, la, La

"If It Means A lot to You" - A Day To Remember

i like their new cd. it's real similar to the old one. and i like the old one.

but this song is the one slow song on the album, and i just had to post it because of the lovely "la,la,la" melody at the end.

I'd just minimize the box and listen because this video is lame and a tad odd:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amazing Playlist

so i made my dad a CD, and it turned out to be an outstanding mix of sounds. whether you have these songs, or recognize some, try this playlist out.

you WONT be disappointed.


Cello: my weakness.

it's true. and these guys do it well: Ra Ra Riot.

From Syracuse, NY
Formed in 2006
Consist of: Wes Miles, Mathieu Santo, Milo Bonacci, Alexandra Lawn(the cello), Rebecca Zeller, and Gabriel Duquette
Were on V2 records, and now Barsuk

Bonnaroo Design Contest

two versions of one. and another.. ...obvi.

but if you're interested in free tickets, check-it-out.

Some birds, color overlays, clouds, grass, and adtr lyrics...oh, and a dolphin.

and wah-la.

Grab a Pin* and Paper!

Nicole Foran
Asst. Professor at Texas A & M -teaches drawing and printmaking

her work is intricate as hell, and done with fairly simple materials. (such as a pin and paper... and tea and canola oil).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


it's so fun, now.

here, make yours fun too: icons.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Norway's Blessings

At least two of them... Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambek Boe. Known together as, Kings of Convenience.

I sleep to them often. They are extremely easy listening. Expressive lyrics and each song is unique to it's own.


i've been listening to this album a lot lately,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fuck the Art Bar (* correction!!!)

You're weak. You were right the first time. I am better than you. You're weak. You know why I don't hangout? It's cause I can't stand you. You're weak. You were right the first time. I am better than you - You know why we don't hangout? Its cause I can't stand you. You're weak.

by, Kids Like Us.

Well different mood than m.ward, but balance is key in my book.

Poison Cup

One or two won't do
Cos I want it all
And a sip
A sip
A sip or a spoonful won't do
No, I want it all
And I hope
I hope
Hope you know what I'm thinking of
I want all of your love
I need all of your love
She said "If love
If Love
Is a posion cup
Then drink it up"

"Cos a sip
A sip
Or a spoonful won't do
Won't do nothing for you
Except mess you up"
And I hope
I hope
Hope you know what this means
I'm gonna give you everything
I'm gonna give you everything

by, M.Ward.

his voice is extremely soothing to your ears.

"I feel caged in my mind, like my flow is doing time / I go crazy inside, but when it comes out, it's fine like wine"

Spin Magazine claimed Lil Wayne to be rockstar of the year, and after reading this article, I found him to be the shit.

Rockstar of the Year: Lil Wayne

Sky Happ-Nangs

my dirty feet and the beach.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pin- What?!


found them on itunes genius when i was listening to Minus The Bear, bless that technological buddy.

Touch and Go records.
San Diego.
Started in '98 (by main guys: zach smith & rob crow.

many have probably heard, but they we're new to my ears, and i like a lot a lot a lot.

if you Haven't heard....i recommend!! Goodies for your EarLobes ....i know it's not the lobes that listen, but that was just an excuse to use my favorite word.

The Visitor

Great album. by The Dodos

they are awesome guys. and they have recently gotten a lot of credibility, but they are newbs. Two guys, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber. Began in 2005. Signed to Frenchkiss in 2007. Visitor was released in 08. From San Francisco.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leave it to Florida?

I had to give this photo it's own post. (Reads: Vasectomy and at the top it said "No Needle!" "No Scalpel!" ....i am assuming they just use a saw? hands? whaaaaat!?)

I took this while driving four hours back from Sarasota (i was in search of a more alive and progressive part of FL, and checked out Ringling college... i remain searching.)

what's next, an advertisement for .....(i honestly just thought of a few absurd things and realized they have all been advertised before) you've got me, america.

oh and this was an "ad" i managed to see in the 10 minutes i was walking around Ringling.

The PanHandle State that Fries Brains

So i traveled down to Florida this past weekend to hang out with my nana and it was lovely.

but i was happy to come home. Florida is nice looking but i think it is called a panhandle for more than it's shape. the brains down there are fried.

i felt like i was in the twilight zone for the majority of my trip.

but i did take some sweet pictures. i am going to put some up soon. here are a few captured by my trusty ol' camera phone.


Everyone should try: Mango Slices.DEEEEE-LISH.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ivan Navarro. Similar work to Flavin.

He is from Chile and now lives in NY.

i posted a picture earlier, that i took of one of his sculptures, a fluorescent shopping cart.

The Beauty in Florescent

i hate florescent lights, as in the kind in offices and giant retail stores, they hurt my eyes.

Dan Flavin has found a wonderful use for them. He was born in Jamaica, and passed away '96. He has a gallery, (first picture), in Bridgehampton, NY.

Chuck Close

He's known.

I really like his work. especially the stuff that isn't his norm; but it's hard to find.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beauty In Motion

Same day i took the pictures, i shot some film too.

Beau-Tee from Mimi Cioffi on Vimeo.

Get It Over With

this song kept me sitting in my car in the cold, because i didn't want to turn it off.

he is from philly and sounds excellent.

Dallas Green

band name: city and colour. He is beautiful and he sounds beautiful, he is from Canada and used to be the lead singer in alexisonfire ...i am going to see him tomorrow. i discovered him opening up for tegan and sara in the fall... his show oughta be amazing.


Speed Dress

this was an ad at some point? i find kind of sexy.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


these boys are wonderful.

be nice to your ears.