Tuesday, June 30, 2009

at least be confused about right and wrong

Plan to settle down,
Over the moon under the sun.

-australia (melbourne)
-polyvinyl record co

wan mo?

Monday, June 29, 2009

meet mr...


most known for street installations/packing tape figures.

meet him further

for the unemployed and underpaid

this boy is so beautiful. and greetings from michigan: the great lake state, is ruling my record player.

...use my hands to use my heart.

dance with us.

getting down, we do.

we do get down.

a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.

word, dcfc.

i enjoy this because it's floating. (the song. i am not sure how i feel about this video)

but this is just mmm lovely and nice.

Kicking The Heart Out

but these men might want to reconsider their music video directors. jussayin.

permenant until you get it wet.

well how does that work?


and you would of thought he was a pro. (by the way he moved at least)



light bulbs look neat without shades.

but without the light shining.

lights are too bright in general.

what are we trying to shine so brightly? does it not have enough beauty to radiate in or of itself?

it does.

just look.
or feel.

let the metal begin.

so buddy and mine did our first recording.

as in, we pressed record on the old tape player, recorded over an old springstein tape, and enclosed ourselves in our metal cans and began yelling, hitting, humming, noising, and such, such, such.

so much fun, we did it again the next day.

mmm, ice cream.


i know now.

do you?

critical mass

Thursday, June 25, 2009


new world

this is a supposed new world, enclosed and powered to be non-toxic to the atmostphere, but also is an enclosed life?

i dan't know.



this is so lovely.

do you like earth? like eating and cuddling with it? (then click and see the goodies)