Monday, August 24, 2009

wild excerpts.

it's a different world.

but the same world.

the functioning bubble of created meaning, and as soon as you become aware of the very essence that meaning is created and looking at all of the functioning and existing, all for, for this "meaning" the big idea...just as your aware of that, before you can even think of what to do with that, you're sucked right into it all.

welcome to the world. you're only so free.

it's a crazy place, that must be played with.

new story, new blog:

Friday, August 21, 2009

oh boy.

i take off tomorrow to explore a new realm of undiscovered lands.

it will be brain exploding.

i am here.

funny stuff been happn'n all around.

cute too.

folk festival was character inducing. i will have some stuff i collected up soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Senses Enhanced

bicycle rides can do it.

wrote this at the parkway last night...

“Well I don’t know where I am exactly.
-I hear swift rubber wheels with dull engines coasting the cement, over that I hear pouring liquid and plush, plash, glup and glap, the smooth, heavy trickle of our source of wet. Beyond that I head the mumble of a muffled attempt at voice colliding with the coinciding zoom and vroom of heavy round machines that are the icon of power.
-I smell the blandness of white smoke from a tobacco burn and the too familiar drift of wet earth and toxic air.
-I taste the dry shag of fire and desire. And the after taste of burnt satisfaction lingers shortly.
I see a simple and natural flip of lightness. I see the flash and stream of color-infused light; I see the organic longitude of wood and bush intertwined with the dark shadows of iconic mass. I see the trails of once whole, steady sources of bright dreams, only to see which produce a magical aura of prismatic peace. I see the collapsed concept of built structure in completion to residential belief, back-shadowed by the vast infinite of deep, whole, Wonder, accompanied by drifting lasers enthralling puffs of galactic waste; which we coin
beautiful mundane.

And I feel, I feel...

I feel alone, full,
And notoriously sure.


Friday, August 7, 2009

new vinyl.

yes yes yes.

communication to boggle

read about 'em.

double time.

it has begun.

we are moving so fast.

balls to the wall has been started.

i am about to blast off into a realm of unknown.

excited and ripe for this transitional time and experiment.

and right before all this happens, there's a heart and its finally beating.