Friday, May 29, 2009


listening to this. on vinyl. is transcendent.

this is just fucking awesome. and really good. and ORANGE! i actually enjoy the Bside, guilty cocker spaniels, even more then satellite skin) but salllll good.

LORD. just two songs A and B. but each are about 7 minutes and one is the Yacht mix of Mirando and the other is an Animal Collective (!!!!??) mix of it (sound totally different.) i never knew they collaborated. its beautiful.

the beauty in noise, light and color.

1:58 :) ...neat vid too.

know him? Get to know him.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so hot. vant to touch.

Read this:


thou shall not comit adult hood


hoppy kids.

mo' bile! mo' bile!

just another freak in the freak kingdom

we create the reality we perceive. how much power do we have? up to you. and your awareness.

and so it goes...(mo bile, mo bile.)

and just sick enough to be totally confident

alive and well

they are here. they are there. below.

feel or believe. or let stay obscure.

they rule, though.

brain on paper

some raw.blasts over time...

fucking blinkers

i prefer no warning.

Out of gas. Out of road.

out of car, i don't know how i'm gonna go.

mmmm :)

and this just gets-ah me goinnnn:

High Mouth

i listened to these fellas alllll day yesterday, and it was swell.

i was listening to high hopes:

When you're on your high horse and things aren't going your way you really don't appreciate what you wanted bad yesterday.
But if I lost it - I'd still be the same It won't break my spirit - I'll look ahead just the same Times are hard it's true - I'll cope
But it won't get me down cause I got - High Hopes
When you're on the bottom the place to look is up When things are getting better, don't say enough What you achieve - that's for you to choose You can always - regain what you lose
Something shitty happens and it hurts - I'll cope It's time we all had - High Hopes
Some people can't rebound when hardship hits their life When they lose something they love and their friend's holding the knife. Pick up your head, get off the ground These High Hopes that I have keep me from getting down.

and its nice. i wondered, am i hopeful?

i wrote down... "i suppose. i mean it sounds positive. but also sounds derived from fear or concern, which i do not believe in. but i like height. and good. so HIGH HOPES. JUSSAYIN."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well happy fucking congratulations.

yes. yes. yessss.



hey, its friday.

feel good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i turned my phone off.

that seemed to be my most immediate and often encounter with humans.
i had to unplug.
this species is CRAZY.
so carried away with all the embellishments of this experiment coined "life".

Be kind.

I live this life for I. Because it's my individual experience. I like to participate in others' as well. But by all means, these experiments are individual. Power is all ours. We rule our world. If we say so.