Friday, June 19, 2009

the concious vanguard?

shittttttt, "Lazy" a bonus track from David Byrne's grown backwards.

boinging and spriffing and din-din-din-dinging and CUT.

well, it just came on, but listen. (i love contraptions!!!!)

and i've got this goin...(first excerpt of first development...stayyyyyyy tUned.)

Speaking of pretty, lets talk about people. EYES. Look into them. Do you see circles? Or depth? Or black holes? Do you see meaning? Maybe you just see eyes and a face. What is in the focus of your sight? Well let’s talk about what you feel. Look, then feel. Do you feel connected when you look in my eyes? Do you feel the flame burning within you being fueled?

I do. When I look into some people’s eyes, I haven’t quite figured out why it is this way with some, but when I do, I feel my internal and eternal flame strengthening, and it feels


Lets talk about this eternal/internal flame. What’s that now? I believe it to be, well, picture a flame. Fire. It is within you, and it begins burning from the moment you are conceived. Your flame has been lit. In anything you do and all things you do, the most important thing over it all, is to keep that flame burning, and keep fueling your inner spark.

This flame is your spirit. It is what makes you, you. It is why you laugh at what you laugh at and why you yell the things you yell and why you get close to those of whom you get close to.

Keep your flame burning. DO all you need to fuel it. AND IF IT GOES OUT, if you feel down so far down and so defeated, become aware of this.

Then, look up.

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