Thursday, June 18, 2009


he's cute. he sings with his heart. and although he drives emo-girls crazy, he pleases my ears.

(ben, he kind of resembles you here slightttly. (i mean from the pictures i've seen) .total compliment.)

(oh BOY, anna.)


gelsey said...

i saw anthony green not long ago.

and oooof! what a fine man. i was in front and couldn't help snappin the shutter at him and staring- and at one point, our eyes met and he mouthed "hi" to me and i said it back.

shit, let me tell you that was one of the most exciting moments of my life. well, not really- but whenever anyone mentions anthony green i tell them of that particular encounter.

i know you'll appreciate it.

Mimi said...

i can feel the specialness in your exchange of connection with him.

i feel ya.

what a nice moment it must've been.

they rule.