Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Television Tells Us

"These tubes are our space suits,
Designed to gain us invitation to
The homes of the earthlings,
Who we hope to study,
And whose satellites would send us information
On the real life that you're living,
You are living!
Now you're stopping !
Just to sit, just to sit
In front of us and just watch,
Watch us televisions dream of life.
We came to earth just to look inside of you,
Look inside of us and you will find:

We want to be like you."

the music tapes were amazing last night. he (julian koster) sat in the the center of the room and played the singing saw.

it was an awesome show, the opening guys were crazy also.

this dude is nuts and makes me really want to learn the zither. (click)

and these guys got you moving! (click)

oddly enough, he had that same tee-shirt (and probably pants and shoes and socks) on last night.

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