Wednesday, July 1, 2009

please your buds

(the taste ones)

Quite popular on the island of Java.
Like tofu in it's base of Soybean, except Tempeh uses the whole bean, giving Tempeh a higher content of vitamins and such.

So i personally think it looks like brains, and is grainy and tad tough for a sandwhich. it can be dry too.

BUT! if you cut that up small and mix it in a stir-fry of some sort, DEEE-LISH!

i have invented this dish that is so so so good. i put potatoes and grape seed oil (the most wonderful oil) in a pan, and then add such things as artichokes, squash, onions, a plethora of spices, zuccinni, TEMPEH, waterchestnuts, peppers, maybe a grape tomato here and there.

and yum yum yum.