Tuesday, July 28, 2009

are those birds, i feel?

excerpt three?

"The past is gone forever and will never ever ever ever return. That moment when I wrote that, GONE. Oh my lord. WE ARE MOVING SO FAST. Moments, seconds, instants. And we work for hours. Look up. Look down. Smell the cloth and the ground. Grab nature. Feel the world. Live rightttt, NOW. And now. And now too. And don’t think about living so much. Just live. And allow life to play it’s game. Try and have fun with it always and keep your body happy. Because this means nothing, and that can mean anything, which I am pretty sure means everything.

And with that, you are free. AHHHH, LIBERATION. Oh okay, yes, please.

This feelin’ good yet? It will. Just say so. Wow, wow, you have so much power. Power to do good and beautiful, beautiful things. The moment is short, so stay in it and remember it, capture it.

Capture it by snapping a shot, writing a note, closing your eyes, feeling, listening, talking, laughing, BEING.

Just be.

It is easy and actually quite exciting. Life has curve-balls, a fucking lot of them. They’re coming. So get a ridiculously large and wide bat and make it wooden or tin, so you can hit them so hard and far they will make a ridiculous noise and you will feel so absurd with the large bat, you might just laugh.

And that is beautiful. You can do this. Have fun.

My tea bag says “be patient. Things will soon be back to normal”

Well I am not very patient, and I don’t have a fucking CLUE what normal is.

So I drank my tea and tossed the bag."

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